A Museum DisplayA Museum Displaymuseum1AJoy Holdsworth played a leading role in establishing the small museum at the chapel. The museum was originally planned to be located in the basement of the chapel. However, even after extensive treatment of the walls and floor surfaces, high humidity levels were still being measured which made it unsuitable for use.


The museum is now situated in the west vestry and contains a number of exhibits showing various items associated with the history of nursing at Christchurch Hospital including historical photographs, an interesting display of nursing and medical memorabilia and the treasured Acland family bible.  A video is available for viewing giving a nine minute pictorial insight into the Chapels past.


Some of the medical memorabilia in the museum (left) and nursing medals (right).Medical MemorabiliaNursing Medals

museum2A         museummedals1


The collection includes contributions from the Medical History Trust and the Northbrook Museum

museum4Medical memorabilia

Medical memorabilia