Chapel Restoration

THE EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Last year, the Mayor Lianne Dalziel, announced the restoration and strengthening of our Chapel. This includes careful restoration of the heritage building, inside and out. During that process, earthquake strengthening to the required code will also be undertaken. The restoration also includes new security measures, including outside security lighting, appropriate display shelving in the Vestry Museum, and wiring inside the walls for a modern audio-visual system and hearing loops. The restored chapel is expected to be opened in October 2018.

WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE: Our Chapel, we believe, should not re-open without the following: a new brochure about the Chapel and new opening times; a quality illustrated guide book about the Chapel; a quality new book about the story of the Marquette and the New Zealand nurses involved in that disaster, 10 of whom tragically died; a modern TV screen and PC for presentation of images for special guided tours; a decent microphone and lectern; a more extensive selection of post cards and notelets bearing images from the Chapel, both exterior and interior; additional flexible display components for the Vestry Museum and the foyer.

THESE ITEMS ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY. We need funds to acquire all these items; (and a few more) in time for the reopening. Some items will be sold to visitors and income invested back into publications. We are asking all those associated with the Chapel to help with this, our first ever general appeal.


Please give to our Chapel Christmas Appeal. We need the funds NOW, so we can immediately commit to commissioning the writing of a new Marquette book, photography for post-cards and brochures, commissioning a guide book, and reestablishing the Chapel as a working functioning memorial.

Please give what you can – every $ counts. Please use this FORM to donate

Any gift you make is likely to qualify you for a personal income tax credit of 1/3 of the amount; we will send you a receipt. All donations of $250 and over will be honored in a special book, to be kept in the foyer of the Chapel.

CLICK HERE to download the donation form